Bernard Goldberg Quits HBO’s Real Sports After 22 Years, Trashes Show’s ‘Far Left’ Politics in Scathing Interview With Bill O’Reilly


After quietly departing HBO’s Real Sports earlier this year, longtime reporter Bernard Goldberg joined Bill O’Reilly to explain his unceremonious decision to leave a show he now says is driven by “cowardice.” Goldberg worked on the show for more than two decades.

“You are looking at diversity on the show, I literally am diversity,” the 75-year-old Goldberg told O’Reilly, citing his political differences from the other Real Sports correspondents.

“I have no problem with anybody’s personal politics, but when it intrudes on the integrity of journalism, I have a problem. I had enough, I said that’s it, I’m gone,” Goldberg explained.

Goldberg’s conservative politics didn’t mesh with the show’s direction and left-leaning correspondents. One example Goldberg gave was his suggestion of a profile on Jason Whitlock, a Black conservative sportswriter, but the idea was nixed by the Bryant Gumbel led show. Last September, Real Sports more notably pulled Goldberg’s segment on transgender athletes after one of the participants no longer wanted the story to run. Goldberg noted the participant had no grounds to pursue legal action against HBO, but the show still pulled what he described to O’Reilly as “down the middle, both sides of the story, nuanced, fair play journalism.”

“Cowardice led the people who run the show to say we don’t want to run this because this might cause us trouble,” Goldberg told O’Reilly, adding that they feared a possible negative “hashtag campaign.”

“Seventeen and 18-year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy when Germans were firing machine gun bullets at them, and these guys are worried about a hashtag campaign, because the transgender community decided they didn’t want us to run the story.”

A unique analogy by Goldberg, who was not yet born on D-Day, comparing Real Sports producers with soldiers who stormed Normandy. After the segment on transgender athletes was pulled, Goldberg — a frequent contributor — was benched for the next three episodes of the monthly series, according to Awful Announcing’s Ben Koo. He did, however, return to Real Sports for their year-end roundtable in December. The conversation was political, with Goldberg again being the show’s lone conservative voice.

During the roundtable, Goldberg defended former Sacramento Kings broadcaster Grant Napear, who resigned from the NBA team after he controversially responded to the Black Lives Matter movement with, “ALL LIVES MATTER,” on Twitter.

Goldberg also argued that sports was a place where most Americans went for an escape from politics, a statement he said was deemed controversial by the other correspondents. According to Goldberg, the inclusion of politics in sports will lead to a downturn in ratings. But that fear of mixing sports and politics didn’t stop him from wanting to interject more conservative viewpoints.

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