Clay Travis Blasts USWNT for Not Championing America: Our Women Have Dominated Soccer Because They Have ‘Basic Human Rights’


The Olympics are typically an opportunity for countries to unify, but the opposite occurred for people who followed the US women’s soccer team at the Tokyo Games. When the USWNT lost to Canada on Monday, a chunk of right-wing Twitter applauded America’s exit from competition.

The hate directed at the USWNT stems from their various social justice protests in recent years, which even caused former president Donald Trump to lead a rally crowd in cheering the squad’s Olympic struggles.

Outkick founder and conservative radio host Clay Travis remembered the 2015 World Cup winning USWNT being “one of the most popular sports teams in all of America.” But according to Travis, their popularity faded after a couple of years, once the team “got super woke, led by Megan Rapinoe.”

“The US women’s soccer team denigrated the President of the United States, refused to visit the White House and tore down American institutions at a time when they could have been building them up,” Travis said on Monday’s Outkick the Show. “Honestly, what’s always disappointed me about the US women as they decided to get political is they could have used their dominance as a sign of American exceptionalism.”

Although the USWNT gets criticized for protesting injustices within their own country, Travis believes the squad should take social stances on global issues.

“The reason why our women dominate in soccer and our men have not, is because our women have basic human rights in America that many of the women around the world don’t have,” Travis adds. “So on the global stage, Megan Rapinoe and other US women could have said, ‘this is what happens when you empower women.’”

“This is what the woke virus does,” Travis continued. “It divides, it conquers, and it destroys overall fandom and it pulls us all apart instead of allowing us to unite together around one common side.”

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