Deion Sanders Fires Back at Rival Colorado State Coach for Criticizing His Interview Attire: ‘Why Would You Go to That Direction?’


University of Colorado football coach Deion Sanders on Friday appeared taken aback by the criticism levied against him by Colorado State University coach Jay Norvell.

The rival schools will compete in this year’s Rocky Mountain Showdown on Saturday at 10 p.m. EDT. Days before the game, however, Norvell took to his show to bash Sanders for not taking off his sunglasses and hat during interviews as a show of respect. Norvell then claimed his mother raised him to do that, seemingly implying that Sanders was raised improperly.

Sanders was quick to respond to the comments, claiming during a team practice that Norvell’s comments were “bull-junk” and that he made this weekend’s matchup personal.

Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show on Friday, Sanders said the comments took him by surprise when the two coaches were previously diplomatic toward one another.

“We started out right. He was complimenting me. I was complimenting him. He was doing his thing. But it just took a quick left,” Sanders said. “What happened? What got to him? And then to take a left after what he said previously, it threw me off. I really started contemplating, ‘What happened?’ Why would you go to that direction? You know me. You know how I get down. If we really wanna talk, I can do this pretty darn good.”

When he joined the desk, Sanders — as he had just done as a guest on First Take — gifted McAfee with a pair of his new sunglasses designed in partnership with the brand Blenders. Sanders also gifted his entire team a pair, and joked that Norvell’s comments had unintended benefits.

“This is one of the first lines (of sunglasses),” Sanders told his team, “So they don’t realize they just helped me with business. But it’s also gonna be personal.”

Watch above via ESPN.

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