NFL Wide Receiver Cole Beasley Attacks His Own, Blasts Bills Mafia for Booing Him During Latest Anti-Vax Rant

Cole Beasley blames boos from Bills fans on his vaccination status

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Pro athletes taking on their home fanbases NEVER ends well and NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley will likely find that out after taking a recent jab at Bills Mafia.

Beasley had two catches in the Buffalo Bills 40-0 shellacking of the Houston Texans on Sunday. But the treatment he received courtesy of Bills Mafia made it difficult for Beasley to enjoy the win.

According to Beasley, he’s been hearing boos from the home crowd in Orchard Park and he thinks the cold reception is due to his very vocal stance against taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Only place I get boo’d is at our home stadium,” Beasley tweeted Monday morning. “Then some of the same people want me to take pictures and sign autographs. I thought bills fans were the best in the world? Where’d they go? If the vaccine works then why do vaxxed people need to be protected from unvaxxed? #letthemin.”

Some fans jumped in to let Beasley know they’re cheering him on by chanting “BEASE!” But the Bills wide receiver doesn’t by the explanation, noting that others yell at him to “get vaccinated.”

While Beasley might not like fans yelling at him to take the jab, the 32-year-old NFL veteran spent most of the offseason yelling about his stance against the vaccine. Beasley ranted about Dr. Anthony Fauci, released an anti-vax rap song and preached his plan to ignore NFL Covid restrictions that are placed on unvaccinated players, all while regularly debating the jab with people on social media.

Beasley has threatened to ditch social media and even retire from playing football rather than get vaccinated against Covid. Both threats have been empty so far, with the wide receiver continuing to find his way back on Twitter so spew his disdain for the Covid vaccine.

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