UFC Fighter Accuses His Opponent of Domestic Violence in the Middle of a Match: ‘I Heard You Choked Your Girl in 2018, Little Woman Beater!’


A UFC fighter accused his opponent of domestic violence during a stunning exchange right in the middle of a match.

The shocking moment happened on the undercard for UFC 259 in Las Vegas Saturday during a flyweight contest between Tim Elliott and Jordan Espinosa. With just a few seconds remaining in the bout’s second round, Elliott confronted his foe. (Some of the back-and-forth can be heard in the video above. However, ESPN2 dumped out of the audio feed of the telecast due to foul language, so the rest of the transcription below comes courtesy of Yahoo’s Kevin Iole, who was cageside on Saturday.)

“I heard you choked your girl in 2018, Little woman beater!” Elliott said. “Little fucking woman beater.”

“You don’t know the whole story,” Espinosa replied.

“I know enough,” Elliott countered.

“You don’t know shit,” Espinosa shot back.

In a press conference after the match — which Elliott dominated, winning by lopsided margins on all three judges’ scorecards — Elliott explained the basis for his accusation. He said that he had received a Facebook message from a person he didn’t identify showing long message exchanges between Espinosa and an unnamed woman, and pictures of choke marks on the woman’s neck.

Yahoo’s Iole reports that a search of court and police records in Espinosa’s hometown of Albuquerque, NM did not implicate him in any domestic violence incident.

Watch above, via ESPN2.

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