WATCH: Alabama Football Player Leaves Reporters Speechless After Revealing His Favorite Nick Saban Coaching Quip


Do you have a favorite coaching quip from the legendary Nick Saban? That was the question directed at Alabama junior safety Jordan Battle.

It’s not unreasonable to expect the answer to feature something along the lines of other famous coaching mantras: never give up, champions are afraid of losing, or bite at the knee caps. But despite being 69-years of age, Saban hasn’t lost sight of ways to connect with a roster of players with a much younger sense of humor.

“Not that I can think of right now, because he has so many,” Battle responded, before thinking a little deeper. “But there are a few I like. He always talking about ‘touch deez’ or you know ‘suck on deez’ and all that.”

Battle couldn’t help but smile while sharing his favorite quip. And stunned reporters could be heard cackling in the background, after most likely expecting to hear the defensive back rattle off a more encouraging saying than “suck on deez.”

With more than a half-century of coaching experience on his resume, the guy known as a no-nonsense head coach can’t bypass the opportunity to make a “deez nuts” joke. The story has been told in the past. With former Alabama star and current Raiders running back Josh Jacobs previously telling the Dan Patrick Show that Saban “likes to do a lot of deez nuts jokes.”

Apparently, the seven-time national championship winning coach still hasn’t lost his affinity for the humor, which is obviously still appreciated by his team. So appreciated that it’s Battle’s favorite quip from his stern and demanding leader.

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