WATCH: Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Smashes Two Rackets During Absolutely Bonkers Meltdown


Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios earned himself a hefty fine and possible suspension after his latest meltdown in which he smashed two rackets and called the umpire a “fucking tool.”

In light of his behavior at the Cincinnati Masters — during a match in which he lost to eighth seed Karen Khachano from Russia — Kyrgios was fined $113,000.

Kyrgios threw his first fit after he received a time violation which he called a “joke” and insisted he was playing just as fast if not faster than other players.

Then in the third set of the match the Australian star called the referee Ferguson Murphy “the worst fucking referee ever. The worst ref in the game. The worst, hands down, every single time I play, he’s doing some stupid shit, every time. ” He got a violation for unsportsmanlike conduct, and immediately stormed off the court.

“He’s taking two rackets off the court, how many is he coming back with?” the commentators asked. In a fit of rage, Kyrgios smashed both rackets before walking back on to the court.

“He went to the bathroom with two rackets and came back with two broken rackets,” the referee noted in his walkie-talkie. He then received a time violation for the time it took him to regrip a new racket.

“I’m here, I’m here! He can serve the ball!” Kyrgios taunted.

Kyrgios is known to be hotheaded. He was fined in May after he kicked a bottle, hurled a chair, and threw his racket on the ground at the Italian Open, according to CNN. He was also fined in June in Queens for unsportsmanlike behavior — among a host of other controversies over the course of his tumultuous career.

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