WATCH: Yankees Fan Turns a Hot Dog Into Straw to Sip His Beer — To the Horror of Onlookers


A fan at Monday night’s Yankees game is dividing the internet over his … creative use of a hot dog in a video which has gone viral.

As the Yankees were taking on the New York Mets in the Bronx Monday, a fan in the stands was putting on a show of his own. The unidentified man was filmed hollowing out a hot dog with a straw and then proceeding to used the modified dog as a straw for his beer.

The clip began circulating TikTok and quickly went viral — with some hailing the idea as genius and others denouncing it as gross.

Pro-dog straw supporters appreciated the man’s ingenuity, including Barstool Sports podcast host, Dan Katz.

Anti-dog straw users vilified the man over his idea, which many deemed “nasty.”

Listen above via @NewYorkNico on TikTok

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