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‘Why Did He Write the Report?’: Trump Gets Into Testy Exchange With ABC’s David Muir on Voter Fraud Claims

ABC’s World News Tonight Beats NBC Nightly News for Second Straight Week

ABC’s World News Overtakes NBC Nightly News for First Time in More Than 5 Years

A Brian Williams-Less NBC Nightly News Takes a Ratings Blow

ABC’s David Muir Beat NBC’s Brian Williams in Ratings Friday Night

ABC World News Leads with LeBron and Twitter Is Not Happy About It

ABC World News #1 in Demo This Quarter for First Time in 6 Years

Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Backlash ‘More of a Reason’ to Run in 2016

Elizabeth Warren, Who’s Totally Not Running for President, Thinks Hillary Is ‘Terrific’

ABC World News Beat NBC Nightly News in Demo Last Week

Christie Talks BridgeGate with Diane Sawyer: I Felt ‘Taken Advantage Of’

ABC News Reports: U.S. Backing Afghan Companies Accused of Financing Terrorism

How Did ABC World News Mess Up This Report So Badly? (UPDATED)

President Obama Refuses To Call Mitt Romney A Liar In Diane Sawyer Interview

ABC News Reports Medical Records Support George Zimmerman’s Account Of Broken Nose And Scalp Injuries

‘Food Stamp President’ Obama Tells Diane Sawyer That Most Of The Food Stamps Came From Bush

Covering Famine In Africa, ABC’s David Muir Haunted By Mother And Kids ‘Who Hadn’t Eaten In 5 Days’

ABC News: New Terror Report Warns Of Insider Threat At Nuclear Plants, Oil Refineries

ABC News Airs Undercover Video Shot At Michele Bachmann Clinic: Can Patients ‘Pray The Gay Away’?

Does Viral Video Show A ‘Frail And Frightened’ Diane Sawyer, Or A Steely Pro At Her Best?

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