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John Heilemann: Trump’s ‘The First Puerto Rican Truther’; Even Sandy Hook Truthers Are Like, ‘Dude, People Died’

Alex Wagner: ‘It Appears’ That Mueller ‘Has a Case To Be Made’ For Both Obstruction of Justice and Collusion

Jordan Peterson Clashes w/ Maher Panel About Political Divide: ‘You Need To Have Respect’ For Trump Voters

The Circus (Minus Mark Halperin) Will Continue With CBS News’s Alex Wagner

Former MSNBC Host Alex Wagner Joins CBS, Will Co-Host CBS This Morning Saturday

Bill Maher Goes All in for Sanders: ‘F*ck Yeah’ He’s Ready to Be Commander-in-Chief

Hillary Surrogate Says Trump’s ‘Schlong’ Remark Was Really About Calling Obama a Black Rapist

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Will Take Over Steve Kornacki’s Weekend Time Slot

Alex Wagner’s Facepalm Farewell Speech to Now Shows What Nepotism Can Buy

MSNBC Cancels The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner, and The Ed Show

Exclusive: More MSNBC Changes Coming with Three Shows Out, Hard News and Chuck Todd Back

Kathleen Sebelius: People Stop Me on Sidewalk to Personally Thank Me for Obamacare

MSNBC Guest Suggests Jeb Bush Has Family Scandal; Alex Wagner Distances from Claim

GOP Sen. Mike Lee: Christie Should Retract ‘Unnecessarily Inflammatory’ Remarks

‘You’re Talking About Hatred!’ Bill Maher Panel Ignites over Garland

Glenn Greenwald: Snowden ‘Thrilled’ with NSA Ruling

MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Gets in Intense Death Penalty Debate on The Nightly Show

Alex Wagner Presses Hillary PAC Adviser on ‘Semi-Circular’ Logic of Campaign

MSNBC Apologizes for Comment: Nothing Says ‘Let’s Go Kill Some Muslims’ Like Country Music

Ed Rendell Dismisses Hillary Emails: Why Isn’t MSNBC Talking About Infrastructure?

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