benghazi hearing

Bob Woodward: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Inconsistencies’ Are Not Richard Nixon’s ‘Crimes’

Cummings Blasts Committee: How Long Do We Drag This Out for Hillary’s ‘Gotcha’ Moment?

Jordan Grills Hillary: The Attack Was Planned. Why Didn’t You Change Your Story?

Huckabee: Hillary’s Coming Clean on Benghazi Like I’m Getting a Guevara Tramp Stamp

Boehner Defends McCarthy’s Hillary Comments: Benghazi Panel Was Never About Her

Fox & Friends Accuse Dems of Trying to Protect Hillary from Benghazi Commission

McCain Defends Obama Against Impeachment For Benghazi, Will ‘Give President Benefit Of The Doubt’

WATCH LIVE: House Congressional Hearing On Benghazi

LIVE STREAM: Witnesses Testify At House Committee Hearing On Benghazi

Colbert Blasts GOP, Conservative Pundits For ‘Embarrassing’ Handling Of Hillary’s Benghazi Hearing

Mika Brzezinski Defends Rand Paul: ‘May Not Have Liked’ How He Said It, But Raised Valid Problem

Soledad O’Brien Takes On Sen. Johnson Over Hillary Clinton Criticism: ‘You’re Playing Politics Too’

Fox & Friends Rips Hillary Clinton’s ‘Lance Armstrong’ Approach: ‘Yell At The Person Asking The Questions’

Why Hillary Clinton Didn’t Appear On Sunday Shows: ‘There Are Other Things I’d Prefer To Do On Sunday Mornings’

Limbaugh Tears Into Hillary Clinton’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Testimony: ‘What Did She Do To Save Anybody?’

John McCain Confronts Hillary Clinton On Benghazi: Your Answers ‘Are Not Satisfactory’

Hillary Clinton Chokes Up Speaking About Benghazi Victims During Testimony

Greta Blasts Fox News Colleagues Who Got ‘Snarky’ On-Air About Hillary Clinton’s Concussion

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