Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol Shames Sen. Cornyn For ‘Grotesque’ and ‘Appalling’ Victory Lap After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Bill Kristol, Symone Sanders Get Heated Over Kavanaugh Allegations on CNN: ‘That’s Ridiculous!’

Bill Kristol Building ‘War Machine’ For GOP Candidates to Challenge Trump in 2020

Bill Kristol Suggests Trump’s Lester Holt Tweet Was Him Panicking About Obstruction of Justice Case

Bill Kristol: ‘Main Source of Fake News’ Recently Has Been Trump

Bill Kristol on Trump-Cohen Tape: If Giuliani Wanted It Out, ‘There’s Much Worse To Come’ on the Other Tapes

Bill Kristol Says He’s ‘Worried’ That NATO Will Not Survive Trump: ‘Could He Want to Have It Fall Apart?’

Bill Kristol Says Cohen FBI Raid Means ‘We’re Close to the End Game’ With Mueller Probe: ‘This Is War’

Bill Kristol Mocks Trump’s Trade War Talk By Comparing Him to A Gorilla

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle: Is Trump ‘Inviting Putin Over For a Play Date’ a Good Strategy?

Bill Kristol Trashes Don Jr: Obama ‘Much More Impressive an American’

Bill Kristol Wonders If Broward Sheriff Is a ‘Dime Store Version’ of Trump

Bill Kristol Trashes Brian Kilmeade: ‘You Have to Pretend’ to Believe ‘Nonsense’

Bill Kristol and Ben Ferguson Clash Over Memo: ‘Are We Seriously Still Talking About the Secret Society?!’

And Now Bill Kristol’s Twitter Account Appears to Have Been Hacked Too

Tucker Fires Back at Bill Kristol: ‘Former Intellectual Who Now Exists Primarily on Twitter’

Bill Kristol Says Tucker Carlson’s Show is ‘Ethno-Nationalism of Some Kind’: It’s ‘Close Now to Racism’

Bill Kristol on Deep State Conspiracies: ‘What Fringy Websites Once Said is Now Said by Fox News Hosts’

Bill Kristol on Pro-Oprah 2020 Tweets: I Can’t Say She’s ‘Less Qualified’ Than Trump Is

Bill Kristol Goes on Tweetstorm Touting Oprah 2020: ‘#ImWithHer’

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