Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol Warns Trump is ‘Unstable’: He Lacks ‘The Psychological State to Be Trusted as President’

Interview: Bill Kristol and John Ziegler Agree that Conservatism Would Be Better Off Had Hillary Won

Bill Kristol Says Networks ‘Might as Well’ Carry Oval Office Address: ‘This Is Trump’s Last Card’

Twitter Explodes After Lindsey Graham Calls the Border Wall a ‘Metaphor’: ‘And Mexico is Going to Pay’ for That Metaphor

Ari Melber Reflects on ‘Strange Bedfellows’ of the Trump Era: Fat Joe and ‘Woke Bill Kristol’

Bill Kristol on Trump Blasting Weekly Standard: He Wants People ‘Trying to Save’ GOP to ‘Go Away’

Bill Kristol Responds After Trump Attacks Him and the Weekly Standard

CNN Panel Lights Up Over Trump-Pelosi-Schumer Meeting: POTUS Brought in Cameras for ‘Power Play’ and It Backfired

Rick Santorum Says Climate Scientists ‘Driven by Money’, Applauds Trump For Dropping Climate Report on Holiday

Bill Kristol Tears Acting AG Matt Whitaker Apart: ‘Manifestly Unqualified Political Hack’

Bill Kristol Fantasizes About Meeting Nikki Haley in a ‘Secret Place’ to Discuss a Run Against Trump in 2020

Brian Stelter, Bill Kristol Blast Lou Dobbs Guest for Anti-Semitic Caravan Conspiracy Theory: ‘So Gross’

Bill Kristol Shames Sen. Cornyn For ‘Grotesque’ and ‘Appalling’ Victory Lap After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Bill Kristol, Symone Sanders Get Heated Over Kavanaugh Allegations on CNN: ‘That’s Ridiculous!’

Bill Kristol Building ‘War Machine’ For GOP Candidates to Challenge Trump in 2020

Bill Kristol Suggests Trump’s Lester Holt Tweet Was Him Panicking About Obstruction of Justice Case

Bill Kristol: ‘Main Source of Fake News’ Recently Has Been Trump

Bill Kristol on Trump-Cohen Tape: If Giuliani Wanted It Out, ‘There’s Much Worse To Come’ on the Other Tapes

Bill Kristol Says He’s ‘Worried’ That NATO Will Not Survive Trump: ‘Could He Want to Have It Fall Apart?’

Bill Kristol Says Cohen FBI Raid Means ‘We’re Close to the End Game’ With Mueller Probe: ‘This Is War’

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