Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol on Trump UN Speech: ‘More Normal’ Than I Would Have Expected

‘I Felt Sick Reading the President’s Statement!’ CNN Panel Goes Off on Trump Over Charlottesville

Bill Kristol Tears into Seb Gorka: Is He ‘Gonna Keep Showing Up on TV Popping Off?’

Bill Kristol to Form ‘Committee Not to Renominate the President’

Bill Kristol Labels Trump a ‘Jackass’ During Fiery Argument Over Boy Scout Speech

Bill Kristol Slams Trump Over Transgender Military Ban: ‘He Thinks It’s a Dictatorship’

‘They’re Pretty Terrified’: Bill Kristol Says Panic Among Senate GOP After Comey Hearing

Jake Tapper: ‘I Don’t Know One Reporter’ Who Wants Trump to Stop Tweeting

Bill Kristol: Most of Fox News Has Become ‘Ridiculous’

Bill Kristol: I Don’t Feel Sorry for White House Staffers ‘Defending the Indefensible’

How I Would Program A Conservative TV Network Despite Being A Skeptic

‘Very Reassuring’: CNN Panel Gives Trump Plaudits for His ‘Tone’ During Presser Today

‘It’s Going to Fall Apart’: Bill Kristol Says GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan is Doomed

Bill Kristol: Trump ‘Chooses to Not Take Seriously The Fact He’s Now President’

Bill Kristol Stepping Down as Editor of The Weekly Standard, Will Remain Editor-at-Large

Bill Kristol Works Himself Into Screaming Fit, Insisting Trump Is a ‘Fluke’ and Not Representative of GOP

Bill Kristol: Paul Ryan’s Weak Stance on Trump Proves Trump’s Right About GOP ‘Wimps’

George Clooney Tells Chris Wallace It’s ‘Odd’ That He Suddenly Agrees With Bill Kristol Politically

MSNBC Host Complains Hillary Clinton ‘Faces a Double Standard Every Day’

Bill Kristol: Trump Hired a ‘Yes Man’ to ‘Reinforce His Worst Instincts’

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