Rodney Harrison Apologizes for Saying Mixed-Race Colin Kaepernick Is ‘Not Black’

Spokane NAACP Leader Falsely Portrayed Herself as African-American

Fox Contributor Scolds O’Reilly For Asking Whether Colin Powell Cuts Obama ‘Slack’ For Being Black

Rachel Maddow: Romney Is Trying To Win By ‘Deliberately Running Against Minority Voters’

Romney Campaign’s Outrageous Actions Give MSNBC’s Touré A Tremendous Gift

Romney Campaign Reaching Out To NBC News President Over Touré’s ‘Niggerization’ Comment

Jesse Jackson Blasts Adidas ‘Shackle’ Shoes: ‘Gross Insult’ That Evokes 246-Year ‘Slave Cycle’

Ann Coulter: Obama Will ‘Screw [Democrats] Six Ways From Sunday’ To Win Reelection

Pastor Manning Takes On The Young Turks: Cenky Uygur Might Be Arab, Ana Kasparian Is A ‘Twit’ With Boobs

Fun Fact Friday: Birther Pastor ‘Proves’ That Mitt Romney And Newt Gingrich Are Black

Michelle Obama: People Have Painted False Image Of Me As ‘Some Angry Black Woman’

Jon Stewart Ridicules Ann Coulter For Her ‘Our Blacks Are Better Than Their Blacks’

Herman Cain: Call Me ‘Black American’ Not ‘African American’

Michael Eric Dyson On Herman Cain: He Will Say Anything To Curry White Favor

Herman Cain On Obama: ‘Never Been A Part Of The Black Experience In America’

Glenn Beck: Is The Term ‘Colored’ Really Such A Bad Thing?

Al Sharpton To Herman Cain: ‘Jon Stewart Is A Comedian. Your Policies Is The Joke.’

Herman Cain: Liberal Media Is ‘Scared That A Real Black Man Might Run Against Obama’

Laura Ingraham Discusses Abortion With Father Who Helped Pay For His Daughter’s Procedure

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