Bob Beckel

Ex-Fox News Host Bob Beckel and Sebastian Gorka Spar on Twitter: You’re ‘Full of Horsesh*t’

Bob Beckel Trashes Fox News, The Five in Accidental Public Tweets

Bob Beckel Fired by Fox News for ‘Making Insensitive Remark to an African-American’ Staffer

‘Your Understanding of This Stuff Is So Sophomoric!’ Fox’s Beckel, Watters Clash Over WaPo Report

‘Stop Doing That’: Bob Beckel Warns Fellow Democrats About Identity Politics

‘I Think She Is an Idiot’: Fox’s Beckel Clashes With Co-Hosts Over ‘Irrelevant’ Ann Coulter

Daily Show Compiles Sexist Moments From Fox News to Make ‘Audition Tape’

’Our Producer Didn’t Put It in the Lineup, But…’: Beckel Brings Up Spicer’s Gaffe on The Five

Fox’s Bob Beckel: Don Lemon’s ‘Exactly Right’ on Susan Rice, ‘This Is a Diversion’

Fox’s Bob Beckel: ‘Is Trump Really Gonna Try to Lay This on the Democrats?’

Fox News’ Bob Beckel Apologizes for Calling Jason Chaffetz a ‘Punk’

Meghan McCain: Obama’s Going to Be ‘The Most Bitter Ex-President That We’ve Ever Had’

Bob Beckel: Trump Shouldn’t Have the Nuclear Codes Because ‘He’s Starting to Lose It’

‘This President Flat-Out Lied!’: Bob Beckel Goes Off to Tucker Carlson on Trump and Sweden

Kimberly Guilfoyle: ‘I Will Spend the Rest of My Life With’ Bob Beckel if the Mexican Wall Isn’t Built

Fox’s Eric Bolling Doesn’t Like That John McCain Is Trying to ‘Undercut’ Trump

Geraldo Rivera to Mediaite: ‘I Urge Everybody to Get Together and Give Trump a Chance’

‘Oh, I Missed You a Lot’: Watch Bob Beckel Make His Return to The Five

Bob Beckel Returns to Fox News and The Five

CNN Panel Clashes After Trump Supporter Accuses Hillary of ‘Exploiting’ Women’s Weight Issues

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