civil war

GOP Senate Candidate Asks Twitter if Robert E. Lee is Hero or Villain, It Does Not Go Well For Him

GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Tells Al Sharpton ‘You’re a Race Hustler’ That’s ‘Obsessed’ with Slavery in Tense Clash

Colbert Slams John Kelly: ‘You’re a General and You Don’t Know Why The Civil War Happened?!?’

Roland Martin Completely RIPS John Kelly’s Civil War Comments: ‘Shame On You!’

Georgia State GOP Rep. Warns Black Attorney She’ll ‘Go Missing’ If She Removes Confederate Monument

WATCH: Protestors Topple Confederate Monument in North Carolina

Dan Rather Blasts Trump Over Civil War Comment: His Knowledge ‘Below That of Most Gradeschoolers’

Trump Reportedly Once Bragged He Could Have ‘Done A Deal’ to Avoid Civil War

Trump Like My Mother With ‘Dementia for 10 Years’: Scarborough Returns With a Vengeance

‘What the President Said Was Stupid!’: CNN Panel Goes Off After Trump Tweets About Andrew Jackson

Ex-RNC Chair: President Trump Has a ‘Clear Lack of Understanding of the History This Country’

Trump: Andrew Jackson Could Have ‘Worked Out’ Differences With South, Avoided Civil War

‘Nothing is Worse’: Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Defends White Supremacist Monuments

TNT Cancels Modern-Day Civil War Series For Hitting ‘Too Close to Home’ Following Election

Krauthammer Warns of Impending GOP ‘Civil War’ Tomorrow

Wilmore Says ‘Take the Damn Flag Down Right Now’ — But at What Cost?

Beck to O’Reilly: America Now In ‘Most Dangerous Period’ Since Civil War

Krauthammer: Well, So Much for That GOP ‘Civil War’ Narrative

Stewart and Judge Napolitano Battle over the Necessity of the Civil War to End Slavery

Former Prisoner: ‘For-Profit’ Prisons Churning Out Waves Of Violent White Supremacists

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