Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert Talks Trump’s Budget the Best Way He Can: As Comedy Central’s Old ‘Colbert’

Watch Stephen Colbert Cover Toby Keith’s ‘As Good As I Once Was’

Colbert’s Final ‘Word’ Reflects on How Far America Hasn’t Come in Nine Years

Colbert Blasts Pope Francis: ‘Is There Nothing This Lunatic Won’t Heal with Compassion?’

Colbert Interviews ‘Lie-Peddling,’ ‘Capitalist Pig’ Enemy of North Korea Seth Rogen

‘F*ck That Noise’: Colbert Celebrates Never Having to Watch Bill O’Reilly Again

The 10 Most Iconic Colbert Report Moments, Year by Year

Colbert Agrees with Fox: Torture Is Cool and ‘America Is Awesome’

Nancy Pelosi Totally Buzz-Killed Colbert’s Final ‘Better Know a District’

Colbert Backs Up Fox News: Eric Garner Isn’t Michael Brown

Colbert Thanks Nazis for Getting Congress to Agree on Something

O’Reilly and Colbert Both Launched Their Respective Wars on Christmas Last Night

John McCain Asks Colbert if He Should Run for President Again in 2016

Colbert Lists ‘Offensive’ Gestures Black People Should Avoid After ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’

‘Estaban Colberto’ Celebrates Obama’s Immigration Action

Colbert Takes on Socialist ‘Bogeyman’ Bernie Sanders: Are You Trying to ‘Frighten’ People?

Colbert Sums Up GOP on Climate Change: ‘We Don’t Know What the F*ck We’re Talking About’

Colbert and Dem Rep. Face Off: ‘That’s a Question I Can’t Even Answer Because It’s So Stupid’

Colbert Grills Chuck Todd on Midterms: Really, ‘Who Cares?’

George Takei Beams into The Colbert Report to Save the Midterms from Utter Indifference

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