Conspiracy Theory

‘It’s Dangerous’: Comet Ping Pong Owner Speaks Out on Gunman, Pizzagate Conspiracy

Samantha Bee Matches Trump’s Conspiracy Theories With Her Own Theory That He Can’t Read

Conspiracy Theorists Think Kurt Cobain is Alive, Well, and Posing as This Singer

Conspiracy Theorists Genuinely Believe that Katy Perry is JonBenet Ramsey and They Have ‘Proof’

Kamala Harris Aide Accused of Running Rogue Police Force Managed by Freemasons

Allow Nevada’s New Assembly Speaker to Tell You About Gays, Latinos, ‘Darkies,’ and Dems

Apparently The Simpsons Predicted The Ebola Outbreak Too

Will This Be His Next Conspiracy Theory? New Thriller Movie’s Villain Named ‘Alex Jones’

‘A Wake Up To All Of Us’: GOP Lawmaker Claims Boston Bombing Was A Government Job

Chris Matthews On GOP Obama Conspiracies: ‘It’s Almost Like An Addiction To Being Afraid’

Why Is CNN Devoting Airtime To Ridiculous Conspiracy Theorists?

Anderson Cooper Goes After ‘Anonymous Internet Trolls’ Pushing Conspiracies About Newtown And Gun Control

Tennessee State Rep. E-Mailed Constituents Rumor That Obama May Stage Assassination Attempt

Ron Paul To Morning Joe: America’s Next Occupation Is In Pakistan And ‘I Fear It’

Conspiracy Theories Alight Over Bin Laden’s Body: The Birth Of A Generation’s Grassy Knoll

Rupert Murdoch Invests In Oil Company With Ties To Dick Cheney; Conspiracy Theorists Lick Their Lips

Conspiracy! How The Simpsons Predicted 9/11 And Saved Us From Another Catastrophe!

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Takes On Global Warming, Climategate

Ventura On Afghan War: Does Obama “Really Run The Country?”

Jesse Ventura Claims MSNBC Bought His Silence For Opposing Iraq War

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