Current TV

Report: Al Jazeera America Lost Half a Billion Dollars in Two Years

Al Jazeera America Publishes Op-Ed Mocking Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera Countersues Al Gore

Al Jazeera America Scores Distribution Deal With Time Warner Cable

Olbermann Bashes Ex-Boss Al Gore: ‘A Clod’ Who ‘Underdelivered’

Make Way For Al Jazeera: Producers Strike Joy Behar’s Set In The Middle Of Farewell Broadcast

The War Room’s Michael Shure Dishes On Current TV, Tom Brokaw, And Dan Abrams

Weekly ‘Mediaite In The Media’ Roundup: Rothman & Kirell On Current TV, Concha On CNN

Limbaugh Goes After Gore For Getting ‘Richer Than Evil White Guy Romney’ By Selling Current TV To ‘Terrorists’

Joan Walsh Defends Biden’s ‘Knock-Off Jihadi’ Remark: Suspects Also Products Of ‘American Alienation’

Mediaite’s Noah Rothman Talks Guns, Race, Immigration And Obama’s Budget On Current TV

Catholic Leader Battles With Current Host: Marriage Is ‘Not About Love’ Or ‘Making People Happy’

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell Talks Guns, Legal Marijuana, Ben Carson, And Rutgers Abuse On The Young Turks

Mediaite’s Kirell, Rothman, And Christopher Battle Over NRA Proposals On The Young Turks

‘No One Would Hire Him’: Olbermann’s Inability To Get A Job May Have Helped In Current TV Settlement

Current TV’s Cenk Uygur Praises Rand Paul As ‘Constitutional Hero’ For Drones Filibuster

Al Gore Sued Over Current TV Sale To Al Jazeera

Guest On Joy Behar’s Current TV Show Claims To Have Orgasm During Segment

Joy Behar To Panel: Fox News Becoming More Moderate, But Still ‘No Shortage Of Dicks At Fox’

Jon Stewart Grills Al Gore On ‘Odd Move’ Selling Current TV To Network ‘Backed By Fossil Fuel Money’

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