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CNN Panel Slams Sarah Sanders: The Suggestion ‘No One Can Question Gen. Kelly’ Is ‘Dangerous’

CNN’s Kate Bolduan Asks: How Does a President Keep a Secretary ‘Who Thinks He’s a Moron?’

CNN’s David Chalian Slams Sarah Sanders: ‘Am I Not Supposed to Believe My Lying Eyes?’

‘It’s TOTALLY Complicated!’ CNN’s David Chalian Ridicules Huckabee Sanders’ ‘Not Complicated’

Brooke Baldwin Snarks: ‘Have You Ever Seen a Rose Garden Ceremony for a Bill That Passed One Chamber?’

‘The President Looked Like a Third-Grader’: CNN Political Director Hammers Trump’s Tucker Interview

‘It is Blatant Hypocrisy’: CNN Panel Slams Trump for Saying Jobs Numbers Are ‘Very Real Now’

‘I’m Old Enough to Remember When Republicans Loved the CBO’: Dana Bash on Spicer’s CBO Criticism

CNN Anchor and Guests Seem Surprised That Trump Didn’t Attack Media During Speech to Military

CNN Analyst: Fact-Checking Trump Runs Risk of Making Clinton Look Like a ‘Scold’

CNNer on Nevada Dem Chaos: When You Push Revolution, ‘Don’t Be Surprised When One Shows Up’

Journalist Who Said Romneys ‘Party As Black People Drown’ During GOP Convention Joins POLITICO

Palin: Romney/Ryan ‘Need To Be Prepared’ Because ‘Obama Lapdogs Will Stop At Nothing’

Fox Panel Tears Into Fired Yahoo News DC Chief For Racially-Charged Remark About Romney

Fired Yahoo! News DC Bureau Chief Apologizes For ‘Inappropriate And Thoughtless Joke’

Gwen Ifill Expresses Support For Fired Yahoo! News’ David Chalian: ‘God’s Gift To Political Journalism’

Yahoo! News Fires Washington Bureau Chief Following Remark About Romneys, Blacks

Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief: Romneys ‘Happy To Have A Party When Black People Drown’

ABC Panel Previews ‘Tough And Maybe Even Brutal Campaign’ Awaiting Obama And Romney

ABC Starts Live-Tweeting This Week; Will Other Networks Follow?

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