WATCH LIVE: Trump Holds Rally in Ohio

State Trooper Shot, Killed Outside a Delaware Wawa; Suspect in Standoff With Police

Dem Senator Leads Clinton Crowd in Rendition of ‘She Works Hard For the Money’

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Holds Presidential Rally in Harrington, DE

#BlackLivesMatter Activists Denounce Racist ‘Nooses’ That Were Actually Lantern Hangers

Miss Delaware Publicly Stripped of Title Because She’s An Elderly 24 Years Old

Verdict Reached in ABC Reporter Sam Donaldson’s DUI Trial

‘Threatening’ Playground Sign Warns Hispanic Kids They Need A Permit, English Speakers Just Need A Parent

MSNBC Is Covering Voter ID Laws Because They Are Popular…With People Who Have ID

Newt Gingrich Explodes: Fox News In The Tank For Romney, CNN Less Biased (Update)

This Exists: Nazi Group Adopts Delaware Highway

Piers Morgan Defends Christine O’Donnell Interview To Anderson Cooper: ‘Cheeky Maybe, But Not Rude’

Where Are They Now?: Christine O’Donnell’s New Book Set For August Release

Christine O’Donnell Calls Campaign Probe “Thug Tactic,” Blames Biden

Christine O’Donnell Is Forming Her Very Own Political Action Committee

Christine O’Donnell Slams Delaware GOP On O’Reilly: ‘I Busted Up The Backroom Deal’

Christine O’Donnell And The Case Of The Disappearing Campaign Ad (UPDATE)

Christine O’Donnell Summons Spokesperson During Heated Radio Debate

Christine O’Donnell To Chris Coons: ‘You’re Just Jealous That You Weren’t On SNL

New Christine O’Donnell Campaign Ad: “I Didn’t Go To Yale”

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