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Eric Holder

Former AG Eric Holder: Trump’s Pardons May Be Aimed at Sending Message in Russia Probe

Eric Holder: James Comey’s a ‘Truthful Person… Who Made Some Really Serious Mistakes’

Eric Holder Shreds Trump in Rare Interview: ‘Any One of My Kids Would Be a Better President’

Ex-AG Eric Holder: ‘You’ll Find Integrity at FBI Headquarters and Not at 1600 Penn Ave’

Eric Holder: Trump Slamming Jeff Sessions ‘Betrays a Lack of Understanding’ of AG’s Role

Eric Holder Rips Trump Over False Claim Obama Didn’t Call Fallen Soliders’ Families: ‘A Damn Lie’

Eric Holder May Be Considering 2020 Bid For White House

Eric Holder Says Obama Won’t Be on the Political Sidelines Much Longer: ‘He’s Ready to Roll’

Watch; Former AG Holder Goes in on Trump, the GOP, and Russian Hackers

Conservative Lawyer Sues Obama, Black Lives Matter Activists For Inciting ‘Race War’

Holder on Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie’ Outburst: Someone Should’ve ‘Smacked His A**’

Eric Holder Credits Snowden for Performing a ‘Public Service’

Eric Holder Has a Message For Donald Trump Supporters and Their ‘Little Stupid Hats’

Eric Holder: ‘Possibility Exists’ for Snowden to Return to America

DOJ Studying Social Media Habits of ‘Far-Right’ Users Online

Eric Holder Calls for Criminal Justice Reform in Farewell Address

Holder Reminds DOJ Employees Not to Solicit Prostitutes

Mississippi Hanging Exhibit A of Media’s Rush to Race Narrative

Eric Holder to MSNBC: Probably No Racism Involved in Loretta Lynch Holdup

Missouri Lt. Gov.: ‘More Racism’ in DOJ than Around Ferguson

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