Eric Holder

Eric Holder: If Buzzfeed Report is True ‘Congress Must Begin Impeachment Proceedings’

Trevor Noah Ridicules Conservative Criticism of Eric Holder: ‘Fox News Phony Victims Unit’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Defends Eric Holder: ‘I Don’t Believe He Was Inciting Violence’

Eric Holder Slams ‘Fake Outrage’ Over His ‘Kick ‘Em’ Comments: I Was ‘Obviously Not Advocating Violence’

Michelle Obama Rebukes Hillary Clinton’s Uncivil Advice for Liberals: Fear Is Not a Proper Motivator

Trump Defends Charges He’s Encouraged Violence, Says Eric Holder ‘Better Be Careful What He’s Wishing For’

Trump Rips Eric Holder For His ‘When They Go Low, We Kick Them’ Remark: ‘It’s a Disgrace’

Newt Gingrich Calls Democrats the ‘Brown Shirt Party’ in Response to Protests, Remarks By Clinton and Holder

Lindsey Graham: ‘Going Low’ Would Be ‘A Step Up’ for Democrats, They’re in the Gutter After Kavanaugh

Eric Holder Rejects Michelle Obama’s Slogan: ‘When They Go Low, We Kick ‘Em’

Eric Holder Calls Trump’s MAGA Slogan ‘Rooted in Fear’

Former AG Holder Says He’s Seriously ‘Thinking About’ a 2020 Run

Former AG Eric Holder Weighs In on FISA Warrant: ‘It Is Clear’ That It Wasn’t Just Based On The Dossier

Former AG Eric Holder: The Obama Admin Never Had a ‘Policy’ Of Separating Families at the Border

Former AG Eric Holder: Trump’s Pardons May Be Aimed at Sending Message in Russia Probe

Eric Holder: James Comey’s a ‘Truthful Person… Who Made Some Really Serious Mistakes’

Eric Holder Shreds Trump in Rare Interview: ‘Any One of My Kids Would Be a Better President’

Ex-AG Eric Holder: ‘You’ll Find Integrity at FBI Headquarters and Not at 1600 Penn Ave’

Eric Holder: Trump Slamming Jeff Sessions ‘Betrays a Lack of Understanding’ of AG’s Role

Eric Holder Rips Trump Over False Claim Obama Didn’t Call Fallen Soliders’ Families: ‘A Damn Lie’

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