Erica Hill

CNN’s Phil Mudd: The Idea Trump Wants to Talk to Mueller May Just Be Him ‘Pretending to Play Along’

CNN’s New Day Fact-Checks Trump’s Weekend Tweets: Relies on ‘Conspiracy Theories of Right Wing Media’

Senator Ben Sasse Wins $5 After Gorsuch Says ‘Bigly’ At Hearing

We Talked To the Women of HLN About the Network’s Overhaul, Girl Power, and More

Pierson: Trump Didn’t Flip-Flop on Immigration, He Just ‘Changed the Words That He Is Saying’

John McCain On Who Should Be Romney’s VP: ‘I Think It Should Be Sarah Palin’

Doctor Explains The Migraine That Mimicked A Stroke In Serene Branson

Katie Couric Hints She Praised Erica Hill Ahead Of Early Show Shakeup

CBS Early Show “Feels More Friendly” With New Hosts, Says Show’s Exec. Producer

CBS’ Early Show Debuts Its Latest All New Morning Team

Larry King Sings And Dances On The Early Show

Media Buyers Mixed On CBS’ Early Show Reboot

(Updated) Heads Roll At CBS’ Early Show: Rodriguez, Smith, Price All Gone

Levi Johnston Tells Early Show He Regrets Apologizing to Sarah Palin

Erica Hill Leaving CNN (And Anderson Cooper!) for CBS

Kathy Griffin And Erica Hill Bring The Funny On CNN’s AC360°

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Anderson Cooper Asks Bachelorette How Many Contestants She Slept With

Mediaite’s Very Special Guest Appearance on Anderson Cooper 360

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