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Fair and Balanced

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes: ‘I Know No One Believes It,’ But ‘We Have No Agenda’

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘Impossibility Of Any Symmetry Between Fox [News] And MSNBC’

NY Times’ Bill Keller: ‘Fox News Is Murdoch’s Most Toxic Legacy’

Report: Bret Baier’s Special Report Is Most Fair And Balanced To GOP Candidates

Jon Stewart: Chris Wallace Admitted That Fox News Tells ‘The Other Side’ Of The Story

Bill Hemmer Defends Fox News: “Fair And Balanced Slogan Is Alive And Kicking”

LA Times: “Unacceptable Level of Bias” On The Hard News Side Of FOX

Olbermann Reveals Countdown Killed Bush ‘Plagiarism’ Segment, But Who Ran With it?

Olbermann Vs. O’Reilly: Who’s More Balanced? Says It’s Bill

In Hannity’s America, Fox News Allows On-Air Fundraisers For Republicans

Chris Wallace: It Would Be “Poetic Justice” For Fox News To Get Helen Thomas Seat

Gretchen Carlson Is Confused Why Pres. Obama Is Being Fair And Balanced

Fair And Balanced! FNC’s Geraldo Bashes Baier’s Interview Tactics

Giving Context To The Daily Show‘s Megyn Kelly Takedown: They Have A Point

Bill O’Reilly Defends Fox News News VP Who Gave His Tea Party Opinion

Shepard Smith Is Sorry For This Non-Fair And Balanced Moment

Grass Roots or Astro-Turf? Video Shows Fox News Producer Rallying 9/12 Protesters

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