FBI Reportedly Has ‘Concrete and Corroborative Evidence’ of Trump/Russia Collusion

Judge Andrew Napolitano Stands by British Surveillance Report in Return to Fox News

NSA Director on British Wiretap Claim: ‘I Think it Clearly Frustrates a Key Ally of Ours’

‘Why Appear on a Kremlin Propaganda Network?’: Stelter Confronts Guest on Russia Today

Ex-CIA Director Hayden on GCHQ Surveillance Claim: ‘I’m Trying to Suppress a Laugh Here’

Fox’s Bret Baier: We Love Judge Napolitano, But We Haven’t Been Able to ‘Back Up Those Claims’

Jake Tapper: Does White House ‘Smearing British Intelligence Make Your Family More Safe’?

Trump Admin Apologizes to U.K. for Citing ‘Utterly Ridiculous’ Wiretapping Report

‘Nonsense’: British Intel Agency GCHQ Responds to Report from Fox’s Napolitano Cited by Spicer

Police Rule Death of British Spy Found in Padlocked Gym Bag an…Accident?

Greenwald Partner Wins Partial Injunction Against UK’s Inspection of Materials

Guardian Editor: British Agents Destroyed Paper’s Hard Drives

U.S. Denies Role in Detaining Greenwald’s Partner, Says U.K. Gave ‘Heads Up’

Glenn Greenwald’s Partner Detained Under Counterterrorism Law at Heathrow Airport

Snowden Reveals British Government Spied On Officials’ Phone Calls, Emails During G20 Summit

NSA Shared Phone Records With U.K. Security Agencies, The Daily Beast Reports

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