Hoosier Tells Ted Cruz to His Face: ‘You Look Like a Fish Monster! You’re a Terrible Person!’

GOP Debate Disrupted by Rand Paul Supporters

WATCH: Hecklers Take the Stage at Ted Cruz Gun Range Rally

Trump Gets Heckled, Immediately Slams the Media: ‘Dishonest’ to Give Hecklers Headlines (UPDATED)

Obama to Immigration Hecklers: Doesn’t Make Much Sense to Yell at Me Now

Ted Cruz Heckled During Speech, Calls Protesters ‘Obama’s Paid Political Operatives’

Rove Slams Hecklers On O’Reilly: Liberal ‘Lunatics’ Promote Tolerance, But Hate Hearing Opposing Views

Video: Mitt Romney Heckled For Politicizing Libya Tragedy

Protestors Shout Down JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon During Capitol Hearing

Mika Brzezinski Condemns Romney’s Support Of Axelrod Hecklers: It’s ‘Rude And Childish, Actually’

Rick Santorum Responds To Group Of Hecklers, Gets Glitterbombed

Bristol Palin Heckler Lets Loose In TMZ Interview, Calls Her ‘Homophobic’, ‘Trash’

Bill Maher Slams Muslim Men’s Treatment Of Women, Gets Heckled By Audience Member

Bill Clinton Shuts Down Heckler: “I Don’t Need Any Lectures Or Shouting!”

Obama Gets Loudly Heckled At Fundraiser By DADT And AIDS Protesters

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