comScore Dem Congressman Tells S.E. Cupp That a ‘Full Court Press’ Is Needed With Puerto Rico Recovery

Dem Congressman Tells S.E. Cupp That a ‘Full Court Press’ Is Needed With Puerto Rico Recovery

While almost all of the news media’s attention was understandably focused on the mass shooting in Las Vegas that took 59 lives, HLN’s S.E. Cupp devoted some time on her program to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Cupp welcomed on Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), who has visited Puerto Rico and is pushing a bill in Congress that will send $20 billion in relief aid to the island. Asked where he wants that money to go, Espaillat told Cupp that “they need emergency dollars to come in right away to facilitate the emergency rescue efforts” as well as getting the electrical grid back up and making diesel fuel fully available.

The HLN host then pressed the New York lawmaker on reports that relief supplies are stopped at ports, wondering aloud why people can’t get the aid they need right now.

“If you want to get to a very remote town and a mountain and a hill and had a road that took you to that town, that road may not be there anymore,” Espaillat answered. “The bridges leading to that road may be down and so lots of that help has to be airlifted and taken down there.”

He then explained that this is the reason there needs to be a wide-ranging recovery effort that includes the military.

“The infrastructure has collapsed and that’s why we need sort of like a military effort to rebuild Puerto Rico and I’m glad the general was assigned to take care of that charge,” the Democratic congressman said. “He’s seen how serious the problem is and we need a full-court press, a full-fledged effort, military effort with floating bridges and repairs on roads and also getting the grid back on so people can communicate and we have lights back on in Puerto Rico.”

The two would then go on to talk about whether or not Puerto Rico should become a state.

Watch the clip above, via HLN.

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