S.E. Cupp Rips Al Franken: ‘She Was Asleep and He Used Her Body as a Punchline’


As the sexual harassment conversation has taken center stage in America over the past several weeks, S.E. Cupp has established herself as a prominent voice in the discussion. On Oct. 26, she moderated a harrowing one-hour special in which she and and other prominent female media personalities swapped #MeToo stories. And on Wednesday night, Cupp issued a stern call to progressives to pay the “long overdue bill” on sexual misconduct allegations against former President Bill Clinton.

Thursday, with new allegations made public against yet another powerful man — Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) — Cupp figured to be absolutely furious. And she was.

At the outset of Unfiltered, the HLN host went off about the new revelation that Congress has paid $17 million in settlements since the 1990s, an amount which includes sexual harassment-related claims.

“How the hell is that okay?” Cupp said. “Enough is enough. We deserve to know who the two House members are who have engaged in sexual harassment. We deserve to know who we have covered for with our taxpayer dollars. We deserve to know how $17 million was spent to silence accusers. It cannot go on.”

Cupp then discussed the Franken revelations with her panel. Andy Levy ripped the Minnesota Senator.

“It’s dumb, gross, frat boy garbage, and a grown ass man should know better than that,” Levy said.

But Cupp thought Levy didn’t go far enough.

“It’s worse than that,” Cupp said. “She was asleep and he used her body as a punchline.”

Watch above via HLN.

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