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Matt Gaetz Says He Regrets Talking to Alex Jones: The Things He’s ‘Said and Done Are So Hurtful’

Bernie Sanders Aide Has Best Reaction When Alex Jones Ambushes Senator at Airport: ‘Dude, No’

Hannity Echos What an InfoWars Conspiracy Theorist Told Him: ‘I’m The Next Target of The Deep State’

Kanye West Endorses YouTube Personality Who Regularly Appears on InfoWars

Alex Jones: Hot Women Tried to Date Me When I Was 13 to Try to Convert Me to Satanism

Ted Nugent Compares Democrats to ‘Rabid Coyotes’: ‘Every Time You See One, You Shoot One’

Man Sues InfoWars For Defamation Over Site Falsely Accusing Him Of Being Parkland Shooter

What?! Alex Jones Dubs Hitler Speech Over Footage of David Hogg at March For Our Lives

Charlottesville Counterprotester Sues InfoWars And Other Far-Right Media Figures For Defamation

Pepe the Frog’s Creator Sues Alex Jones’ InfoWars After Site Sells Poster For $30

Advertisers Bolt From InfoWars YouTube Channel, Say They Had No Idea Ads Were Running There

Alex Jones Claims He Can’t Be Anti-Semitic By Citing Size of His Non-Jewish Wife’s Nose

USA Today Runs Op-Ed on Arming Teachers from… InfoWars’ Jerome Corsi

Alex Jones Tangles With David Hogg on Twitter Over Conspiracy Theory, Invites Him On His Show

After Dropping His Lawsuit Against Book Publisher, Milo is Now Hawking Supplements on Infowars

Alex Jones Claims Obama is ‘Covered in Sperm’ in His Presidential Portrait

Rep. Matt Gaetz Complains About Being Called Conspiracy Theorist… While on InfoWars

Meet the Media People Desperate Enough to Buy Twitter Followers

Lawyer Who Was Booted From CNN Segment After Angry Outburst Has Been on InfoWars Multiple Times

Twitter Shocked By Trump’s Retweeting of Graphic Anti-Muslim Videos from Extremist: ‘When You’ve Lost Infowars’

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