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Dem Rep: Current House Members ‘Engaged in Sexual Harassment,’ Grabbed ‘Private Parts’ on House Floor

The House Administration Committee held a hearing today on sexual harassment in Congress, calling on House members to testify of their experiences.

One such congressperson was Democrat Jackie Speier, who represents California’s 14th district. She dropped a bombshell allegation in her testimony, saying that two active members of Congress are known to be sexual harassers.

“In fact, there are two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat, right now who serve, who have been subject to review or have not been subject to review, but have engaged in sexual harassment,” she said during her testimony.

Rep. Speier described the alleged actions of these two individuals, who have yet to be officially named.

The congresswoman said that victims had “their private parts grabbed on the House floor” and accused the unnamed colleagues of “exposing their genitals.”

“All they ask in return as staff members is to be able to work in a hostile-free work environment,” she continued. “They want the system fixed and the perpetrators held accountable.”

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) also told the committee that incidents of sexual harassment and assault were likely being conducted by current House members, telling the story of an unnamed representative who allegedly showed their genitals to a female staffer.

Rep. Gregg Harper (R-MS) noted that “sexual harassment is a serious problem in our society and Congress is not immune from this issue.”

Speier participated in the #MeToo campaign in October, launching a congressional version of the social media movement, in which women described their experiences with sexual harassment.

She said that when she was just starting her career in politics, the chief of staff in her office sexually assaulted her.

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