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Sen. Ron Wyden Calls Out Clapper: He ‘Needs to Stop Making Excuses for Lying to the American People’

James Clapper: ‘I Didn’t Lie’ to Congress About NSA Surveillance, I ‘Simply Didn’t Understand’ the Question

Clapper: Roger Stone Indictment Shows ‘Connection, Coordination, Synchronization’ Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Gen. James Clapper: ‘Appalling Arrogance’ for Trump to Say He Knows More About ISIS than the Generals

James Clapper on Trump’s Saudi Statement: He Demonstrated He’s a ‘Show Me the Money President’

James Clapper: Khashoggi Murder Shows Trump Will ‘Accept the Words of Autocrats’

James Clapper Defiant: Bomb Scare ‘Not Going to Silence the Administration’s Critics’

BREAKING: More Suspicious Packages Sent to CNN’s James Clapper, Sen. Cory Booker

James Clapper to Jake Tapper on Bomb Scares: ‘To Me, This is Domestic Terrorism’

Trump: James Clapper Is ‘Being Nice to Me so He Doesn’t Lose His Security Clearance’

James Clapper Says Brennan’s Rhetoric Has Become ‘An Issue’: He’s ‘Subtle Like a Freight Train’

James Clapper Reacts to Trump’s Security Clearance Threat: An ‘Infringement of Our Right to Speak’

James Clapper Blasts Trump Over Threat to Revoke His Security Clearance: ‘A Very, Very Petty Thing to Do’

James Clapper Confirms Trump Was Shown Evidence of Putin’s Direct Involvement in Meddling

Former DNI Director James Clapper: If I Were Dan Coats ‘I Would Resign in a Heartbeat’ After Trump’s Presser

Clapper Endorses Dennis Rodman’s North Korean Diplomacy: ‘I’ve Long Been an Advocate’ For Him

James Clapper Fires Back at ‘Incoherent Mouthpiece’ Giuliani For ‘Deliberate Distortion’ of Spy Remarks

Clapper: Republicans Stood in the Way of Efforts to Warn U.S. About Russian Interference

Fmr. CIA Director Rebukes Clapper: ‘Unknowable’ if Russia Swung Election for Trump

James Clapper: Kim Jong Un ‘May Have Met His Match’ With ‘Unconventional’ Trump

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