Joe Muto

‘This is Bullsh-t’: Fox News ‘Mole’ Defends Bill O’Reilly From Sexual Harassment Charge

This 2013 Memoir From a Former Fox Employee Foreshadows the Sexual Harassment Kerfuffle

‘Fox News Mole’ Joe Muto Pleads To Two Misdemeanor Counts In Manhattan Court

L.A. Times Resurrects Attacks On Ann Romney With Expose On Dressage Horse-Related Lawsuit

Surprise! Gawker’s ‘Fox News Mole’ Shops His Memoir

Fox News Mole Joe Muto Served With Search Warrant, Accused Of Grand Larceny

Why I Never Became Mediaite’s Fox News Mole

Fox News Mole Tells Howard Kurtz He Wanted To Leave But Got ‘Blackballed’ At Other Networks

‘Fox News Mole’ Accuses Network Of ‘Trying To Intimidate Me Into Silence’

Fox News Lawyers’ Letter To Gawker Mole: Your Admissions Are Likely Of ‘Criminal And Civil Wrongdoing’

The Fox News Mole Only Made $5,000 From Gawker According To Report

Cenk Uygur’s Glee At Fox Mole Is Short-Lived

Fox News Responds To Gawker Mole: ‘Joe Muto Is Fired Effective April 12’

Gawker’s Fox News Mole Reveals Himself As Associate Producer

Fox News Spokesperson Tells Mediaite: We Found The Mole (UPDATE)

So, How Long Do You Think Before Fox News Finds Gawker’s Mole?

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