Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen Look-a-Like Crashes a Joel Osteen Event and Wreaks Havoc

Rick and Morty Star Justin Roiland Prank Calls Joel Osteen’s Church: ‘I Have Lots of Money’

Joel Osteen Now Says Hurricane is God’s Way of Saying ‘You Can Handle It’: ‘Take It as a Compliment’

Joel Osteen: Social Media Created ‘False Narrative’ Around Houston Megachurch

Joel Osteen Responds to Harvey Criticism: ‘We Took People in From the Very Beginning’

WATCH: Flood Victims and Volunteers Enter Joel Osteen’s Megachurch

Joel Osteen Tweets Lakewood Church Is ‘Receiving Anyone Who Needs Shelter’

Joel Osteen’s Church Issues Statement After Getting Backlash for Not Opening Doors to Hurricane Victims

Twitter Tears Into Houston-Based Pastor Joel Osteen For Closing Doors to Megachurch After Storm

‘Shame on You!’: 6 People Arrested for Heckling Joel Osteen at Megachurch

Even Joel Osteen Thinks the War on Christmas™ Is Greatly Exaggerated

Joel Osteen Hoax Represents Latest In War On Christianity

‘Zero Evidence God Even Exists’: Hoax Cites Drudge, CNN Claiming That Joel Osteen Has Abandoned Christ

Soledad O’Brien, Richard Socarides Confront Joel Osteen Over His Stance On Homosexuality

Model Melissa Stetten’s Live Ruination Of Brian Presley Proves Twitter Beats Facebook

Pastor Joel Osteen Responds To Backlash For Saying Romney’s Belief In Christ Is ‘Good Enough’ For Him

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