Juliet Huddy

Here’s the Real Reason Sexual Harassment Claims Within TV ‘News’ Are Now Commonplace

Former Fox News Host — and Roger Ailes’ Goddaughter — Juliet Huddy Leaves Fox Affiliate

The Five Trashes Michael Moore For Saying Gun Owners Motivated By Racial Fears

Did Fox & Friends Get Punked, Or Was This Just An Amazingly Bizarre Interview?

Bill O’Reilly, Greta Van Susteren Sued For Defamation, Emotional Distress

Laura Ingraham: University Offering Cheap Credits To Illegal Aliens Penalizes Law Abiding Citizens

Red Eye Panel Takes On The ‘War On The 4th Of July’

Bill O’Reilly On Pakistani Immigration: ‘If You Want A Cab In New York, It’s Pakistani’

Ingraham On Sen. McCain Calling Out Heckler: ‘What’s Wrong With Calling Out Behavior For What It Is?’

Kirsten Powers: ‘Obviously There Is A Bias’ In Media Not Covering Catholic Insurance Lawsuits

Owner Of The Heart Attack Grill Defends His Restaurant On Fox News After Giving Guy Actual Heart Attack

Whoops! Fox and Friends Mixes Up GM With GE In Chevy Volt Report

Brian Kilmeade Takes A Dig At Steve Doocy For His Son, Peter, Reporting For Fox News

Fox and Friends: Candidates With The Best Hair Always Win Presidential Elections

Fox Anchor Bravely Tastes Hot Wings And Declares Which Are “Not Great”

Brian Kilmeade Asks What Would Be The Problem If Obama Was A Muslim

Bill O’Reilly Has Bieber Fever, Wants Water Bottle Thrower Arrested

“Potentially Dangerous”? Fox News Gets To The Bottom Of Bros Icing Bros

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