Marsha Blackburn

Sen. Elect Marsha Blackburn on How U.S. Moves Forward from CA Shooting: ‘Protect the Second Amendment’

BREAKING: Marsha Blackburn Wins Tennessee Senate Race

WATCH: Lifelong Tennessee Republican Blasts Trump for Inciting More Divisiveness on MSNBC

Taylor Swift Announces She’s Backing Democrats in Tennessee Races

Marsha Blackburn Calls Out Rep. Steve Cohen’s ‘Completely Inappropriate’ Wish She’d ‘Jump Off a Bridge’

WATCH: Bob Corker Has a Hard Time Saying Nice Things About GOP Candidate to Replace Him

Marsha Blackburn Spox: If You Don’t Think She Can Win an Election, You’re a ‘Plain Sexist Pig’

Twitter Backtracks, Allows Marsha Blackburn’s Pro-Life Campaign Ad On Site

Marsha Blackburn: Twitter Will Allow ‘Take a Knee’ But Not a ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby Message’

Twitter Blocks Marsha Blackburn Senate Campaign Video Over Anti-Abortion Remarks

Martha MacCallum on Accusation That Kamala Harris Got Sexist Treatment: ‘Give Me a Break!’

Marsha Blackburn Questions Comey: ‘He Has a Very Interesting Relationship With the Truth’

Watch CNN Anchor Ask Same Health Care Question 10+ Times to Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Still No Answer

‘How Do You Know?’: Wolf Blitzer Grills GOP Rep. Over Claims Most Town Hall Attendees Weren’t Constituents

‘That Was Not My Question!’: CNN Anchor Grills GOP Rep Over Trump’s Attacks on Intel Community

Oops! GOP Rep’s Twitter Poll About Obamacare Backfires

‘How Does This Drain the Swamp?’: CNN’s Camerota Grills Blackburn on Ethics Office Vote

‘That’s Not My Question!’: CNN Anchor Grills Marsha Blackburn on Refugee Vetting Process

After Trump Denies His Climate Denial, His Surrogates Try to Explain It Away

‘Facts Do Matter’ — CNN’s Don Lemon Chides Trump Supporter Trying to Defend Birtherism Lies

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