Martin Dempsey

Watch 4-Star Gen. Martin Dempsey Belt Out ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘The Unicorn Song’

U.S. Military Chief: ISIS a ‘Bunch of Midgets’ Running Around with Radical Ideology

Gen. Martin Dempsey Asks Bearded Muslim Man: ‘Are You Taliban?’

Concha: Many More Dots to Connect Now on Potential ISIS Attack than Before 9/11

Josh Earnest: Gen. Dempsey Was ‘Referring to a Hypothetical Scenario’

Gen. Dempsey: Open to Limited Boots on the Ground ‘If Circumstances Evolve’

Fox & Friends: Obama Admin Pressuring Gen. Dempsey to Downplay ISIS Threat

WATCH LIVE: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Officially Lifts Ban On Women In Combat

Joint Chiefs Chairman ‘Disappointed’ With Former Military Members Over Anti-Obama Campaign

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