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Uma Thurman Opens Up on Nightmarish Weinstein Experience: ‘He Tried to Expose Himself’

Jimmy Carter: No Evidence Russians ‘Changed Any Votes’ in 2016 Election

Maureen Dowd: Trump Told Me Violence at Rallies Added ‘Excitement’

Trump Lashes Out at ‘Neurotic Dope’ Maureen Dowd: ‘Makes Up Things That I Never Said’

Maureen Dowd Can’t Think of Anything She’s Gotten Wrong This Election Season

Maureen Dowd to Megyn Kelly: Health Flap ‘Perfect Microcosm’ of Clinton’s Big Problems

#PresidentObamaNotBarry: NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd Inspires Blizzard of Backlash

Trump Finally Admits a Mistake, Dodges Big Abortion Question in Maureen Dowd Interview

Politico Should Name Source of Their Joe Biden Smear Job

Joe Biden Reportedly Leaked Son’s Dying Wish to Help Launch Potential Campaign

Maureen Dowd: Clinton Overcorrecting Her Image After Losing to ‘Feminized Man’ Obama

Maureen Dowd Scorches Hillary for Email Scandal: ‘You Exploit Our Better Angels’

Axelrod: ‘No One Got Under Barack’s Skin More than Maureen Dowd’

Concha: NY Times Has Sent Advance Copies of Dowd Columns to Subjects Before — All Without Repercussions

Maureen Dowd Denies Showing Column to Amy Pascal’s Husband

Sony Leak Reveals Maureen Dowd Gave Her Subject a Preview of Column Before Publishing

New Weed PSAs Mocks Maureen Dowd’s Inability to Consume Marijuana Responsibly

Maureen Dowd: ‘Oddly Retrogressive’ for Obama to ‘Outsource’ Race Relations to Sharpton

Maureen Dowd Gets from Robin Williams to Hillary Clinton’s Iraq Vote in Six Paragraphs

Maureen Dowd to Join NYT Magazine as Staff Writer

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