Michael Caputo and Sam Nunberg Collide Over Trump Campaign and Russia: Roger Stone ‘Put Us All in Danger!’


As part of a sensational MSNBC panel discussion featuring four former advisers and aides to President Donald Trump, two members of the oddball quarter — Michael Caputo and Sam Nunberg — got into a heated clash over former adviser Roger Stone‘s role, and the trouble he may have gotten them all into.

Caputo, a Stone defender, was upset at Corsi for claiming Stone defamed him by stating he’d received hush money from InfoWars.

“A lot of the things you say about Roger I think are steering him toward a perjury charge,” Caputo said. “I also think it’s really hurting his reputation. I really believe the things you’ve said about Wikileaks don’t add up. The things you say about Roger asking you for a memo to back up a tweet, none of this adds up. And I think Roger’s got all the proof, e-mails, texts…to prove it.”

Nunberg wasn’t having any of that.

“That’s fine, [but] the reason us three are in here, essentially, is because of Stone,” Nunberg said. He added, “Roger’s not Donald Trump, okay? He’s not going to get away with witness tampering. He should shut up!”

Caputo turned back to Corsi, and stated his view that special counsel Robert Mueller is getting in Corsi’s head.

“I don’t agree with what you’re saying about Roger,” Caputo told Corsi. “I believe Roger has the evidence to prove that what you’re saying is false. What you just said about the pay from Infowars and all that, that’s all stuff coming out of Mueller, not out of Roger. And I think you’re putting your old friend in danger.”

“He put us all in danger, Mike,” Nunberg shot back.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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