Michael Caputo Insists Amash Has ‘Something Else in Mind’ With Impeachment Call: ‘He Plans to Run Against’ Trump


Republican political strategist and Trump defender Michael Caputo offered up a novel reason why Rep. Justin Amash is speaking out against President Donald Trump and making the case that Trump should be impeached.

According to Caputo, Amash is gearing up to run for president on the Libertarian ticket.

Speaking during a panel discussion on CNN, Caputo started by trashing Amash record as a member of Congress.

“I think we have a lot of independent-minded Republicans in the House and Senate but Justin Amash is entirely different,” Caputo opined. “He’s never supported the president.”

He then painted a picture of Amash’s lackluster career.

“Ever since 2010 he’s got one bill with his name on it. He renamed a post office. He’s not really done much,” he said, before noting that going against Trump makes him vulnerable in his “very pro-Trump” district.

Then he teased this: “Actually, I think Amash has something else in mind.”

Cooper asked him what he meant.

“I think he plans to run against the president as a libertarian, as a third-party candidate,” Caputo reasoned.

He then gave this logic to back up his claim: “We know the host of Never Trump Republicans who, you know, lost their magazine and Weekly Standard have been meeting on a regular basis trying to find a third party person to come in and ‘Ross Perot the president’ this time around and I think Amash is doing a tryout now.”

Fellow panelist Kirsten Powers though wasn’t really buying it.

“If he was going to run against Trump, that could be another factor but I honestly think he would do this regardless of that because he has such a long history of doing things like this,” Powers argued, downplaying Caputo’s claim.

Earlier today, Amash spoke out after calling for Trump’s impeachment. He made no reference to a possible 2020 run but did dismiss talk of a serious primary challenge for his House seat.

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