Mike Rogers

Ex-NSA Chief Mike Rogers: Trump Should Have Confronted Putin on Election Meddling

A Few Good Cable News Folks Who Served in Uniform Before Joining the ‘Enemy’ Press

ABC’s Jon Karl Grills Sanders Over NSA Chief’s Comment That Russia Hasn’t ‘Paid a Price’ For Meddling

Fmr. GOP Rep. Mike Rogers Hits Fox News For Comparing FBI to KGB: ‘Offensive and Dangerous’

CNN’s Mike Rogers on Bannon’s ‘Shockingly Bad’ Exit: ‘Don’t let the Door Hit You on the Way Out’

Rachel Maddow Floats Connection Between Mike Rogers Stonewall and Trump Transition Team

‘It Was Painful to Watch’: CNN’s Dana Bash Hammers Intel Chiefs for ‘Stonewalling’ During Hearing

‘What You Feel Isn’t Relevant’: Sen. Angus King Blasts Intel Chiefs for Not Answering Questions

‘I’m Disappointed With That Answer’: Top Democrat Hits NSA Chief For Saying Trump Didn’t Pressure Him

WATCH LIVE: Senate Intel Committee Hearing With DNI Dan Coats and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

NSA Director on British Wiretap Claim: ‘I Think it Clearly Frustrates a Key Ally of Ours’

Republicans on CNN Panel Decry Lack of ‘Civility’ in Reactions to Pence at Hamilton

Gowdy Tears Into the Credibility of Another GOP-Led Benghazi Committee Report

GOP Rep.: Republicans Criticizing Benghazi Report Didn’t Read It

Here Are All the People Who Didn’t Want You to See the CIA Torture Report

The New House Intel Chair Once Called GOP Colleague ‘Al Qaeda’s Best Friend’

GOP Rep. Reportedly Floated Idea of Charging Snowden with Murder

Mike Rogers: Obama’s Foreign Policy in ‘Absolute Free Fall’

NBC’s Jansing Challenges Rep. Rogers: Is There Actual Intelligence ISIS Is Threat to U.S.?

Rep. Rogers: Obama Ended Policy of ‘We Don’t Negotiate with Terrorists’

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