Priebus: I Think Trump Will Do Better with Black Voters Than Our Past 2 Nominees

Gov. Paul Lepage Says ‘The Enemy’ Are Black and Hispanic, and ‘You Shoot at the Enemy’

Tapper to Trump: You Think You Can Win Over Minorities After RTing White Supremacists?

Chris Matthews Pops Into Caucus Coverage to Say ‘I Just Saw a Minority Voter’

Trump: Black People Will Like Me More Than They Like Obama

The Academy Responds to #OscarsSoWhite, Announces Efforts to Double Minority Members

Jeb Bush: Democrats Pander to Black Voters with Talk of ‘Free Stuff’

Poll: White People Have High Confidence That Police Treat Blacks Fairly

Rand Paul: No ‘Bigger Defender of Minority Rights in the Congress than Myself’

Study: Majority of Blacks and Hispanics Think Media Portrays Them Unfairly

O’Reilly: Minorities Should Be ‘Furious’ Liberals Are Using Them to Stifle Dissent

GOP Rolls Out New Campaign Courting Hipsters and Minorities

Bill O’Reilly Clashes with Valerie Jarrett over ‘Gangsta’ Culture

Obama Singles Out Rivals O’Reilly and Sharpton at ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Event

NAACP Official: Tea Party Uses Minorities as ‘Mouthpieces’ for Their Agenda

Jon Stewart Mocks ‘Dark Mistress’ Nancy Grace, Blasts Democrats For Blithely Offending Minorities

Roland Martin Bashes ‘Largely White Male Executives’ At CNN Uncomfortable With ‘Strong, Confident Minorities’

Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell Takes On GOP’s ‘Autopsy’ Report And Minority Outreach Woes On Current TV

Bill Maher’s Surprising Take: ‘Maybe The Voting Rights Act Is Not Helping Minorities’

Stewart Bashes GOP ‘Shamelessness’ On Immigration: Just A ‘Craven Political Calculation’

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