Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky on Affair With Bill Clinton: ‘How Stupid Am I that I Believed’ His Promises

Monica Lewinsky Considered Suicide After Clinton Affair: I Remember Thinking of Jumping Out the Window

Monica Lewinsky Tells the Blue Dress Story: I Thought it ‘Could Be Spinach Dip or Something’

Monica Lewinsky Will Reportedly Participate in A&E’s ‘Impeachment of Bill Clinton’ Docuseries

WATCH: Monica Lewinsky Walks Out of Interview After Being Asked About Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Responds to Backlash Over Lewinsky Interview: ‘I Got Hot Under the Collar’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Slams Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky Interview: ‘My God, He Sounded Like Trump’

Bill Clinton Slammed For Lewinsky Interview: ‘STILL Refuses to Take Responsibility’

Bill Clinton Snaps at Today Host in Heated Interview on Monica Lewinsky: ‘You Have Ignored Gaping Facts’

Town & Country Apologizes to Monica Lewinsky After She Claimed She Was Uninvited From Event Because of Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Reacts After Being Disinvited from an Event Bill Clinton May Attend

Chris Cuomo Confronts Ken Starr About Monica Lewinsky’s Claim He Was ‘Creepy’

S.E. Cupp Fires Back at Kimmel: Interviewing Lewinsky Would’ve Been ‘Much Better Use’ of Platform

Jimmy Kimmel and S.E. Cupp Are Feuding About Stormy Daniels and Monica Lewinsky

TBT: On Anniversary of Lewinsky Scandal, Watch What Trump Had to Say in 1998

20 Years Ago Today, the Media Changed Forever and the Seeds for a Trump Presidency Were Planted

Monica Lewinsky Starts Thread For Survivors of ‘The Unimaginable’ to Mark 20th Year of Clinton Scandal

Monica Lewinsky Fixes Headline on Upcoming HLN Clinton Scandal Special: ‘You’re Welcome’

Monica Lewinsky ‘Awkwardly’ Reacts to Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘Linda Tripp’ Reference

‘Culture of Exploitation’: Monica Lewinsky Rips Roger Ailes and Cable News in NYT Op-Ed

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