Trump Mimics MS-13 Gang Stabbing at Rally: ‘These Are the Slicers, They Slice You Up’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Fact-Checks Trump: MS-13 is Not the ‘Immigration Danger’ He Claims They Are

Mike Huckabee Defends Dog Whistling Twitter Dig: ‘Wasn’t Aware That Criminal Was a Race’

Fox & Friends Pushes Trump’s False Claim About Nancy Pelosi Loving MS-13

Trump Smears Pelosi As ‘MS-13 Lover’: ‘She Loves MS-13’

ICE Director Tells Trump Calling MS-13 ‘Animals’ Is Kind: ‘Animals Kill for Survival, MS-13 Kills for Sport’

Fox News’ The Five Clashes Over Trump MS-13 ‘Animals’ Remark: ‘Is Hitler an Animal?’

Trump Rails Against Media For Reporting He Called Immigrants ‘Animals’: ‘Fake News Got it Purposely Wrong’

Trump Doubles Down on MS-13 Criticism: ‘I Refer to Them as Animals — and I Always Will’

Sarah Sanders Viciously Tears Into MS-13 Gang Members: ‘The Term Animal Doesn’t Go Far Enough’

CNN, NYT, ABC News, C-SPAN Take Trump Out of Context to Falsely Suggest He Called Immigrants ‘Animals’

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Lumps Together Joy Reid, CNN and ISIS: ‘Not Good Things to Be in The Trump Era’

WATCH: President Trump Gives Remarks In Long Island On The MS-13 Gang LIVE STREAM

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