That Photo of Barack Obama Grabbing Melania Trump’s Butt is Fake

To Create Photoshop-Free Issue, Glamour Hires All-Woman Crew

Redditors Duke it Out For Best Photoshopped Picture of Obama and Hillary’s DNC Hug

Photoshop Gurus Rally Online to Back Up Parents Who Told Son His Lost Toy Was ‘Traveling’

Kerry Washington on Altered AdWeek Cover: It’s ‘So Different Than What I Look Like’

Trump’s Campaign Photoshops Apparel Model to Look Like She’s Black

Jeb Bush Awkward Photoshops, Round Two: Green Screen Edition

Creepy Trump Baby Photo from Alabama Rally Inspires Hilarious Photoshop Gold

Racist S. African Group Claims Roof’s Jacket was Photoshopped

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo March

Justin Bieber’s Rep Demands Internet Remove Photos Showing Less-Endowed Bieber

Let’s All Collectively Freak Out Over Guy Fieri With Normal Hair

GOP Rep. Steve Stockman Photoshops Opponent into Picture with Obama

Nigella Lawson Forbade ABC From Airbrushing Tummy On Promos For The Taste

North Korea Sends Doctored Photo To International News Outlets

This Exists? One-Ton Croc Caught In The Philippines, Second Thought To Be Lurking

Syrian Government Reveals They Are Incompetent At Photoshopping Government Imagery

BP Photoshops Picture Of Crisis Response Room To Look Busy

Tea Party Founder Admitted Holding N-Word Sign Before Denying It

Analysis: Was The Notorious Racist Tea Party Sign Forged? We Believe Not

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