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Richard Sherman: ‘I’m Sure’ Colin Kaepernick is Being Blackballed by the NFL

Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman to Radio Host: ‘I’ll Ruin Your Career’

‘Poopfest’: Richard Sherman Hates Thursday NFL Games as Much as the Rest of Us

Richard Sherman Showed up to a Press Conference in Full Harry Potter Garb

Richard Sherman Says NFL Brass Doesn’t Care About Players: ‘They’re Going to Use Us Up’

Seahawks’ Richard Sherman Walks Out of Presser: ‘People Are Still Missing the Point’ of Anthem Protests

Richard Sherman: ‘I Stand By What I Said That All Lives Matter’

ESPN Host Slams Richard Sherman’s ‘Counter-Productive’ #BlackLivesMatter Comments

Richard Sherman on #BlackLivesMatter: Focus on Black-on-Black Crime First

SNL Lampoons the Seattle Seahawks Cast of Weird Characters

Key & Peele’s Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch Deliver Joint Press Conference

Richard Sherman and Life-Size Cutout of Doug Baldwin Blast NFL’s Media Policies

Richard Sherman: NFL’s N-Word Ban an ‘Atrocious’ Idea, ‘Almost Racist’

Sack This! An Impossible Task for NFL Refs to Also Serve as Word Police

Here Are All of the Black People on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC

Fox’s Erin Andrews Celebrates Sherman’s Post-Game Rant: ‘Wish More Athletes Would Be Like That’

SNL Produces Hilarious Broadway Musical Super Bowl Halftime Show

Poll: Nearly Twice as Many Americans Disapprove of Richard Sherman as Approve of Him

Richard Sherman Pretty Sure John McCain Has Called Him Worse Than ‘Loudmouth’

Chris Hayes Asks Richard Sherman What He Thinks of Being Presented as ‘One of the Good Ones’

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