Pastor Robert Jeffress Warns Lou Dobbs ‘The Left’ Will ‘Bring Out the Guillotines’ If Trump Loses Reelection


Pastor Robert Jeffress, who once claimed Hillary Clinton supporters are going to hell, offered a different warning to Lou Dobbs for the upcoming election, claiming that if “the Left” will “bring out the guillotines” if President Donald Trump loses re-election.

Speaking with the Fox Business host, Jeffress praised the president’s handling of race and blasted the “Defund the Police” rallying cry some protestors have adopted in the wake of the alleged murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. Jeffress, a Baptist minister who is a staunch defender of Trump, has a history of unapologetically bellicose comments about abortion, homosexuality, as well as other religions, having claimed Mormonism and Islam are cults and “heresy from the pit of hell.”

“Yes, we need to extinguish the problem of racism. President Trump doesn’t have a scintilla of racism about him at all,” Jeffress claimed, despite Trump’s own track record of “textbook” racist comments about a Mexican-American judge and singling out African nations as “shithole countries.” “But the president was right yesterday and the last several weeks and also talking about the problem of a lawlessness in the Bible. And look, Lou — or in the country.”

Jeffress then turned to the growing demands for defunding of the police, to shift resources away from armed law enforcement.

“This whole idea of dismantling the police is an absurd idea that leads to hurt not just in the white communities, but in African-American communities and throughout America,” Jeffress claimed. “You know, in Romans 13, the apostle Paul said government authorities are established by God. They’re ministers of God to execute punishment against those who do what is evil. And when Paul wrote those words, Rome was in control. They had executed Christ 30 years earlier. They would behead Paul, ultimately. Paul knew above all people that law enforcement doesn’t always get it right, but that is no excuse for eliminating law enforcement.”

Dobbs then railed against the Seattle CHAZ protestors as well as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others who have called for the removal of statues of Confederate officials from public display in the US Capitol. “This is a moment in which we are watching irrationality, we’re watching great passions, and we are watching some of the most foolish language I’ve ever heard in this country,” the Fox Business host claimed.

“That’s the whole point,” Jeffress answered, before culminating his rant with a prediction that liberals or Democrats would undertake a campaign for mass executions if Trump is not re-elected in 2020. “I mean, once the left, if they succeed, they don’t only want to dismantle our current police, they want to replace our current police with the thought police who go around patrolling every thought that they find objectionable. And if the left ever gains control of this country again, I predict it’s going to be like the French Revolution. It’s going to be ‘bring out the guillotines’ and execute every thought they object to and every person who holds every thought that they object to. That is why what happens in November is so crucial. The future of our nation is at stake here.”

“It is, indeed,” Dobbs said in response to Jeffress’ incendiary claim.

Watch the video above, via Fox Business.

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