The Last Word

Lawrence O’Donnell Eviscerates POTUS in Searing Rant: ‘Backing Down is What Donald Trump Does’

Laura Ingraham’s Debut on Fox News Scores Big Ratings Win Over CNN, MSNBC

NYC Council Speaker: Trump Lobbed Paper Towels At Puerto Ricans Like They Were ‘Animals’

Lawrence O’Donnell Tears Into Trump For Trying to ‘Steal the Grief of 9/11 Families’

Heilemann: Trump ‘At War With Everyone in the World of Justice and Law Enforcement in the Administration’

Ex-GOP Rep: I Used To Be Anti-Obamacare…Until I Was Unemployed With a Pre-Existing Condition

David Frum: If Trump Fires Mueller, He Might As Well Skywrite ‘I’m Super Guilty’ Over the White House

Drama! Lawrence O’Donnell Dramatically Plays Up James Comey’s Dramatic Testimony

Dan Rather: ‘We Haven’t Had a President This Psychologically Troubled…Since At Least Richard Nixon’

David Frum: Trump Team’s Russian Contacts ‘Not a Crime’ But a ‘Loyalty Issue’

Military Mom Who Was Booed and Heckled By Trump Fans Speaks Out

Why Is Ted Cruz Getting a Total Pass For Attack on Donald Trump’s Wife?

George Takei: Trump Attends Gay Wedding but Supports ‘Traditional Marriage’

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Laughs as Granholm Claims Clinton’s Answered Questions on Email Story

MSNBC’s Maddow, O’Donnell Envy Stewart: He Does News ‘Better than Us’

Lawrence O’Donnell and Alan Dershowitz Explode over Whether ‘France Reaped What They Sowed’

Lawrence O’Donnell Praises Koch Brothers in Emotional MSNBC Return

Lawrence O’Donnell Taking Extended Leave From MSNBC Following Car Accident

Ex-RT Anchor Liz Wahl: RT’s Abby Martin Says Things the Kremlin Likes

O’Donnell Mocks O’Reilly’s ‘Stupid Question’ About a Woman President

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