The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Megyn Kelly to Leno: Ask Karl Rove if I’m ‘This Conservative Operative’

Ron Paul Calls Secret Service Protection ‘A Form Of Welfare’

Jay Leno Makes Mitt Romney Joke, Somehow Manages To Offend The Sikh Community

Meghan McCain: Ronald Reagan Would Be Considered A ‘Dirty Moderate Like Me’

Obama Tells Leno He Won’t Focus On GOP Race ‘Until Everybody Is Voted Off The Island’

Louis C.K. Regrets Harsh Comments About Sarah Palin (But Not Enough To Not Make A Few More)

Schwarzenegger Says He Didn’t Endorse Whitman Or Brown Because “I Couldn’t Understand Their Accents”

Sign Of The Times? Daily Show Boasts More Young Viewers Than Late Night Network Shows

Jay Leno Jokes About Tommy Christopher Live-Tweeting His Heart Attack

Meghan McCain Questions If Palin’s Reality Show Is “The Most Presidential Behavior”

Jay Leno Is Back: Giving Context To Week One Of The New Old Tonight Show

NBC Or Conan O’Brien: Who Owns The Masturbating Bear?

Kimmel, Conan, and the Truth About Leno-Hate

TMZ Reports: Leno Back At Tonight Show, NBC Says No

Defending Jeff Zucker: Moving Jay Leno To Primetime Was Once A Great Idea

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