Instant Regret: Man Tries — and Fails Spectacularly — to Capture an Alligator With Bare Hands

This Gnarly Photo of An Olympic Rower’s Chewed Up Hands is Truly Disturbing

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Was This Another Morning Joe Swipe at ‘Needy and Sad’ Chris Cuomo of CNN Today?

Man Caught With Extreme Chicken Porn Will be Spared Jail Time Because he Didn’t Know it Was Illegal

Sheep Wanders on to Field at Minor League Game, Strolls Around Center Like he Owns the Place

New Super PAC Wants Trump to Release His Hand Measurements

Man Cited for Mowing Down Trump Signs With His Jeep, or ‘Spreading Love’ (as He Calls It)

City Official Quits After Asking Male Bus Driver to Dress Like Cute Old Lady

PHOTOS: Our Intern Went To The Fancy Food Show, Got His Mind Blown By Foods

WATCH: Mugaritz Wants Us To Eat Nails, Be Stoned

Warden Slathered Hot Sauce On Balls In Order To Torture Prison Inmates

What The What Is Going On With These Psychedelic Lobsters?!

Herman Cain’s Bizarre New ‘Drowning Goldfish’ Ad Proves He’s Still Got It

Vice President Clint Eastwood? Rachel Maddow Explores Very Real Possibility In 1988 Campaign

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