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Here’s How an Index Card Decided the Winner of the Dallas Cowboys-Oakland Raiders Game

Weird Al Yankovic: ‘It’s Extremely Uncool to Use My Name’ To Describe Al Franken

Instant Regret: Man Tries — and Fails Spectacularly — to Capture an Alligator With Bare Hands

This Gnarly Photo of An Olympic Rower’s Chewed Up Hands is Truly Disturbing

‘Shep, It Appears To Be a Very Large Chicken’: Fox News Report on White House Protest Gets Wacky

Was This Another Morning Joe Swipe at ‘Needy and Sad’ Chris Cuomo of CNN Today?

Today in Weird-Ass Headlines: Skating Rink Closes Amid Outrage After Freezing 5,000 Fish in the Ice

Airline Encourages Muslims to Travel to U.S. ‘While You’re Still Allowed To’

N.H. High School Teacher Removed from Classroom After Dancing to Anti-Trump Song

Cut Off From Internet, Julian Assange Has Man With Bullhorn Shout the News to HIm

Man Who Made Parade Float Depicting Execution of Clinton Sort of Apologizes

Missouri Sheriff Declares New Zero Tolerance Policy for Creepy Clowns

What Happened When an FBI Agent Tried to Impersonate a Journalist

Rush Limbaugh Thinks That Video of Clinton Collapse Is Fake

Man Caught With Extreme Chicken Porn Will be Spared Jail Time Because he Didn’t Know it Was Illegal

Sheep Wanders on to Field at Minor League Game, Strolls Around Center Like he Owns the Place

Artists Behind Nude Trump Statues Speak Out: You’ll ‘Hear From Us Again’

New Poll Shows Older, Conservative Texas Voters Do Not Support ‘Deez Nuts’

Eight-Year-Old Writes POTUS: ‘This Country Needs More Spunk’

Mediaite Totally Doesn’t Care That We Weren’t Included on the Fake Martin Shkreli Reply-All

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