Rush Limbaugh Thinks That Video of Clinton Collapse Is Fake


limbaughRush Limbaugh thinks that there are two separate videos of Hillary Clinton stumbling into her car — but one of them is a fake.

Limbaugh came upon this idea apparently because the radio host does not understand that, often, pirated videos will appear on YouTube having been mirrored, or flipped, from the original source.

Limbaugh said:

In the first video, the van approaches from the left.  So what they want you to believe is that they’ve simply flipped this to show you a new angle.  But you can’t flip the video.  I mean, you can play a video backwards, forwards, but it doesn’t change the angle you’re looking at.  The footage is identical.

The second video purports to show a new angle.  And this new angle shows Hillary in even greater distress, or I should say gives you a better view of the distress, than the first video.  But what is intriguing to me is that nobody seems to have noticed that it can’t be the same video.  How can, in one video, the van approach from the left and the door on the right side of the van open and Mrs. Clinton gets in.  In the next video, same setting, but the van approaches from the right with the street being on the left of it.  And then the door opens in the van, which would be the left side of the van and then Mrs. Clinton gets in.

And all of the people in the video appear to be properly placed, and they appear to be reversed, lapel pins are on the opposite lapel in the second video.  It’s a really great trick, but the second video can’t be — one of the two can’t be real.  One of the two has to be — unless somebody can explain this to me.

Someone can.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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