Mediaite Totally Doesn’t Care That We Weren’t Included on the Fake Martin Shkreli Reply-All


Someone pretending to be Martin Shkreli, loathed big pharma honcho and Trump booster, didn’t invite include us on his massive media email thread. We’re fine with that.

See, Not-Shkreli sent a press release to some 450 random media figures and “forgot” to BCC. Good joke. Everybody laugh.

What ensued was, we can only assume, the hottest media party happening on the other side of a digital velvet rope where all the coolest names in town shared hot memes and dank takes. Not Mediaite though. We don’t care; we have better things to do.

That’s fine, you guys.

Seriously we don’t care.

It’s just 50 ways to humblebrag over there, huh?

Anyway, we’ve got no problem. We didn’t even want to. Really.

We don’t even want to hear your jokes. Which we’re sure are lame.

Oh, come on!!!

…We quietly wipe a tear from our eyes.


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